You'll need
a bed for
the night!


Norway: Any Airbnb in Stavanger area or around the city center is recommended.

Argentina: Buenos Aires gets busy during this time of the year, so we would advise you booking an Airbnb accommodation as early as possible. Prices are quiet affordable and it is much cheaper than any hotel in the city. Also Airbnb makes it much easier to accommodate large groups of people in the same place.
Important: We ONLY recommend to rent a place via Airbnb in the area of Palermo Hollyood/Soho, preferably in the Las CaƱitas area, which possesses one of the biggest concentrations of bars and restaurants in the city, offering many opportunities to enjoy the nightlife of Buenos Aires in a safer way.
In that area it also very easy to access public transport and taxis, if necessary.
(recommended areas and possible Airbnbs are attached below)


In Stavanger hotels are little bit price but they usually are quite nice, with very yammi and local breakfast and they are very safe.

In Buenos Aires, there is a wide variety of hotels and hostels to chose from, with a wide range of prices, but the most important here is the location. Always try to choose a place close or in the Palermo Hollywood/Soho area.