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You can send us an email to┬álucilanegro@gmail.com or┬ávegardfalkeid@gmail.com or just send us a message or call us or video call us via WhatsApp to either our Norwegian numbers (+47 40512886 Luli &┬á +47 45227793 Vegard)┬áand we will help you with any inquiry you may have ­čÖé

If you want to call us from a landline whilst in Buenos Aires, Argentina,┬á you can call to +54 (11) 47673936 (Lucila’s parents house landline) or +54 (9 11) 44718813 (Ricardo Negro, Lucila’s father mobile).

!! Tips for those going to Argentina:

  • You can use your card in a many restaurants and shops or you can exchange USD in an exchange shop in Argentina, but there are a lot of places where they do not accept foreign cards or foreign currency, so it is always a good idea to have some local cash with you (ARS).
  • Bring summer clothes (anything you feel comfortable with during a warm and semitropical summer, and also bring a thin sweater for the nights). In February the weather can vary between 25 degrees and 38 degrees, but it could be little fresher during the night.┬áComfortable shoes (open and close), a hat and a pair of sun glasses would be also a good idea.
  • If you have, bring a small camera and a small purse o city backpack that you can have on the front of your body while we tour in the city.
  • Check necessary vaccinations before coming to Argentina, but do not worry about bringing mosquito repellent or sunscreen as they are widely available in the city.