Our Story

Let’s Talk About How When and Where

It was started..

It all happen far far away, in the magical lands. While traveling, exploring and having fun.

Story of two happy people

Luli and Vegard’s Story

We saw each other for the first time the 26 of april 2011 in Scarborough Beach, western Australia. She saw him, teaching a friend how to surf and he saw her, little far up the beach with a friend, but they didn't approach each other there. Who would have thought that, later the same day, they would realize that they were actually staying at the same hostel in Perth? That night she sat in the couch of the common area with her computer, and suddenly he was there, sitting by her side, talking to her... and that was the beginning from this love story that started 6 years and a half ago and that that we are going to celebrate together with all of you in Norway and in Argentina.

We both love adventure

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